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month x month February

I didn’t have my act together in January so I’ve been saying February is the start of the year for me. Oops. Oh well. So I’m jumping right into things:

Start Posting on Medium

Part of my goal to advance my career is to put myself out there more in terms of sharing my voice and my ideas. Medium has become the new place to share your articles and ideas. I am not even sure what will come out of writing on there but for now the outcome is not important to me. Writing on there on a regular basis is a way to be to gain confidence is expressing my ideas on Corporate Social Responsibility and current international development topics. I want to write at least 4 articles this month, and I plan on flexing my writing muscle daily just improve my ability to write quality content.

Clean Out My Email

Uggg. 1,025 unread emails. Let me go get my inhaler before I start this project.

Solidify AM/PM Routine and Make it Habit

I’ve been reading a lot about how important it is to bookend your day– make sure to wake up and perform certain task and have a routine at night as well. And not only that, trying to do something 3 times a week will not make it a routine. I want to wake up with meditation, journaling, and some attempt to plan out my day. In the evening I want to try a “Digital Sunset” (turn off electronics at a certain time) and reflect on my day.

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