Month x Month | January 2017

Whyyyy do the years move so quickly?

Let me backtrack and say Happy New Year! I am so grateful to see another year. This blog has been basically abandoned for awhile but blogging is one of my main goals for the new year. I have been very wishy-washy with blogging over the year, mainly because my ideas about what I wanted this blog to be about changed so much from month to month. I am pretty content with just using this site to post my “life progress”. I want to  share how I achieve my goals, my travel adventures, and my advice.

This month I am just working on being accountable to myself. The biggest excuses we make are in our own heads and we often let ourselves down by not completing what we set out to do. 2017 will be different. I have had soooo many ideas floating around over the years and I know if I just execute I can be successful at this. Confidence is another issue for me–I get embarrassed to share my true goals. I don’t even tell people about this blog (although the link is in my Instagram). Here are some more concrete goals for the month:

Ebay Purge, Establishing Side Hustle

I’ve had a pile of cute clothes that I have wanted to sell for awhile. I figure I might as well recoup some money back for some of these never-worn pieces.

One of the people I follow the most on social media is Gary Vaynerchuk. He is always talking about learning the market and creating a side hustle for yourself (on top of Entrepreneurship). He recently challenged everyone to make 20,170 this year through selling and flipping items online. While I am not interested in making that much (it sounds like a full-time job), I do want to make 2,017 this year from things that I know are lying around that I can sell.

This is also part of my larger goal of being a minimalist and really cutting down on some of the things I have. Sometimes I can become a slight hoarder if I’m not cognizant of my spending (my friends who saw my once-glorious nail polish stash know this). But in the last 3 years I have discovered how easy it is to get by with much less. Quantity over quality is key.

Create Process for Food Blog

I have a food blog but wont tell anyone about it until there are actual post there. My goal is to finish the webdesign and post 4 blog this month. The food blog will be my main blog focus for the year and I think the intent/focus of the blog will help a lot of people.

Stick to Monthly Budget

This post will be followed by a post outlining the things I use to get things done on a daily basis. Recently I realized that I wasn’t doing enough to stick to a budget in a way that would maximize my effectiveness at achieving goals (read: pay students loans off as quickly as possible). I always think I need to make more money, but if I just tighten my belt (i.e less splurging on brunch) I will get a lot done this year.

My budget is set (using You Need A Budget), so now I just need to stick to it, which means not moving around money like crazy once I overspend on food or some of my other favorite categories.

Daily Gratitude Journal 

I have had the 5 Minute Journal app on my phone for a year and each day I just swipe the reminder off my phone screen. The app is more innovative than the book and thus I want to make sure I use it and review it on a daily basis. One of the most important ways to bring more blessings into your life is to express gratitude for what you have already been given. A lot of time we accomplish one goal and immediately start thinking about other things we don’t have. The app makes it easy to write twice a day about what you are grateful for and how you hope the day unfolds.  You can also add a great picture. This is a habit I want to continue for the entire year.


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