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I am Jamaican by heritage. The island has always held a special place in my heart desire by family’s immigration to the US and UK. I first went with my grandmother when I was in high school. I feel in love with the island and touring the places that were historically significant to my family. A few weeks ago, my mother and I made a quick trip for some rest and relaxation.

I am not a dint-ever-leave-the-resort type of person so before we had even arrive at the hotel we had already arranged with our driver to take us down to Kingston. My family is from a smaller city (Mandeville) so I have only had brief stints in the capital everytime we came.

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Port Royal was a bit out of the way but truly worth it. We were history buffs for all of 20 minutes. img_0707

Of course, we had to stop by the Bob Marley museum. I’m not a die-hard Marley fan, save a few songs. But I really appreciated the historical significance of the career after getting a very thorough tour of the museum.


A trip to Kingston is not complete these days without something that is related to Usain Bolt. He stopped my Tracks and Records, his restaurant, for a quick lunch. I will say that the food was LEGIT which was surprising to me. I guess I’m used to the US where stars slap their name on a place and don’t bother to monitor the quality. I had jerk pork (my fav) and everything was top notch.



All in all it was a great vacay. I enjoyed simple things like driving around neighborhoods, watching Jamaican news, and being as much of an average citizen as you can be when staying in a resort. I also spent a few days in Montego Bay before heading home. I plan of visiting Jamaica more often. Even though I have visited quite a few times, I always wanted to know the island as intimately as I know other places I’ve been (DR, Angola, etc). More importantly, I want to be connected enough to know how to give back.

Thats all for now. PS. Food was amazing but I didn’t have an oxtail (look it up if you have never heard of the dish) I actually order some from the Jamaican restaurant by my house the second I got back to New Jersey, which is a strange type of irony.

Hopefully I learn to take better pictures lol.


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